Hunky Actor Ben Affleck goes shopping

Now, who in this planet doesn’t know Ben Affleck? No? None? Good, that means I wouldn’t have to make a lengthy description to introduce this one sexy piece of manmeat. Let’s move on to the finer details, then.

Let us all feast our eyes on that gorgeous set of rock-hard abs and biceps before granting our full attention to that big wang. Yum, yum! Don’t you just wish you were that red little hanky he’s stretching on his back? Seriously though, I wouldn’t mind getting my asscrack stretched like that. And these pictures of him handing out some grocery stuff? Ooh la la! Come to papa, little Benny.

And if that’s not enough, here we get a raunchy mudslide picture show that is all Ben, Ben, Ben! Oh, if only he’d leave that pest of a wife Jennifer Gardner and live in my bedroom instead, I’ll give him the most unforgettable deepthroat he’ll ever have – plus, unlike all those other celebrities he’d gone out with, he is more than welcome to juice my ass, too! If you want to see more beautiful and sultry male celebrity hunks, visit Sexy Male Celebrities today!

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Chris Brown Is One Hot Bad Boy We'd Love To Get Rough With

It’s one celeb bad boy that is featured on this week’s Sexy Male Celebrities updates! Yep, that’s Chris Brown, the same Chris Brown who used to treat his star ex-girlfriend like a punching bag. You’d probably didn’t recognize this R&B singer because of his hot thug look. This hot bad boy snaps of Chris Brown, where the rap celeb is seen sporting platinum blond hair and more tattoos than a tattoo mag, was taken at some rapping event which the thug looking celebrity hunk performed a couple of songs and paraded his newest ink. A tattoo of what seems to be woman’s face ravaged and heavily beaten up. Connect the dots please.

The 23 year old celebrity bad boy is under fire for it. The gossip circuit quickly put two and two and the tatt, most say, resemble his celeb ex-gf. Well, good thing this sexy thug looking male celeb had a great PR team, the whole issue dwindled down after the release of an initial sketch of Chris Brown’s neck tattoo, which is a Mexican Day of the dead sugar skull… Oh fuck, it is her!

I really don’t care about that tattoo or the haters saying all sorts of dirty things about this celebrity rapper, the dude is hot how big of an asshole he is. Just look at these well hung snapshots of Chris Brown, non-nude or half nude and even backside naked, the whole bad boy and I-hate-the-fucking-world gangsta look is just perfect on him. We’d all love that all of us are looking for the right man in our lives, but we did enjoy those heart breaking and bone crushing bad boy ex-bfs we’d had in the past. Looking at these candid photographs of Chris Brown just made me remember mine, but I bet this well hung rapping super star is packing bigger! If you want to see more beautiful and sultry male celebrity hunks, check out Sexy Male Celebrities today!

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Prince Harry Partially Nude Images In Las Vegas

Sexy Male Celebrities gives us the sexy snaps that erased Prince Harry’s clean image of royalty charm and modern statesmanship. Here’s the UK royal partying shirtless in Las Vegas without any of his closest aides and staff in sight! These scorching hot snapshots were taken after her Carribbean tour and just before he was deployed in Afghanistan.

I wonder what Prince Harry‘s aides were feeling when the paparazzi’s went crazy while taking photographs of the Queen’s grandson acting like a zealot by the pool. It’s not as burning hot compared to the completely nude photos of him while playing strip billiards. But the topless photographs of Prince Harry are sexy and enough to have us all high with lust over this royal celeb.

The Las Vegas hotel he was in did everything they can to secure the place from the cam toting paparazzi’s, but apparently it didn’t worked at all. Most of Prince Harry’s beautiful and sexy snapshots were taken too close to our well hung royal highness. It just proves that in our modern age, even if you are a grandson of a Queen, the cameras will still expose your skanky deeds! If you want to see more of this scorching burning hot and sexy Uk royalty and other hot Hollywood hunks caught behaving nasty on cam, check out Sexy Male Celebrities today!

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Josh Duhamel Is Trying To Control His Bulging Tool

Josh Duhamel is hunky on these candid photos

Here’s a very tasty bulging photos of a hunky celeb for this week’s updates from Sexy Male Celebrities! To start of this week right, let’s all enjoy the hot and fresh photos of Josh Duhamel while this delectable looking Hollywood hunk was out and about in Santa Monica! The hunky 39 year old actor was eager to say high to the cameras while wearing a crisp white tee and crimson nylon pants.

Josh Duhamel is always bulgingJosh Duhamel and his tasty bulge

But all that eagerness went away once he realized that the camera lenses are going for his bulging crotch! Just take a look at these photos of Josh Duhamel while he’s trying to keep that bulging crotch at bay! Hunky movie star Josh was tugging on his bulge and keeping it from dangling. Now that is just selfish of you Josh! You are such a party pooper!

Josh Duhamel controlling his bulge under those nylon pants

But these candid photos of Josh Duhamel and his bulging crotch isn’t the most scandalous thing that we have on this uber hunky celeb. There are very revealing photos of this Hollywood hunk inside Sexy Male Celebrities! Visit the site today and see more sexy pics, six pack abs photos as well a butt and cock shots of your favorite male celebs!

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Colin Farrell Shirtless And Sweaty

collin farrel goes out of the gym shirtless and bulging

Sexy Male Celebrities gives us something very juicy for the first week of September! Feast your eyes on these hot and sexy candids of Colin Farell while the Hollywood stud is walking out of the gym. The handsome and well hung Dubliner has his coat unbuttoned with his naked abs and sculpted chest in full view of the paparazzi’s cameras! He’s just a tanned Adonis and those sweaty beads on his tanned body just adds up to Colin Farrell’s hotness meter!

Collin Farrel yummy nude body out in public

Last week Collin Farrel revealed that BoyZone was thinking of getting him in the band when he was 17. I wonder if he would have been less hotter if he did. Scratch that thought, this cute and hunky Hollywood boy toy will still look as hot as he is now if he’d chosen a different path to fame and stardom. Just look at the super sexy photos of Collin Farrel on this week’s updates. His topless hotness is godly and we all know we’d love to touch and grope every inch of his body!

collin farrel shirtless and sweaty

Good thing this Irish hunk and certified Hollywood hottie didn’t pursue his dreams of being a footballer. If he didn’t, we wouldn’t be blessed with tons and tons of Collin Farrel’s nude stills and videos on a bunch of his movies. The hunky celeb loves showing off his naked body and there’s even one movie of him where he goes full frontal, exposing his pretty well hung dick and bushy pubes! You can that shot together with tons of other hunky celebs’ scandalous photos and videos inside Sexy Male Celebrities! The home of the latest and most wanted sexy male celebs!

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Ashton Kutcher Is Just Letting It Hang And Looking Hot In Plain Clothes

ashton kutcher is hot in just a shirt and shorts

Everything is rolling for Ashton Kutcher and its hard not to get envious at his life right now. This handsome and hunky comedian slash Hollywood male celebrity slash perfect boyfriend is getting $700,000 per episode for his Two and a Half Men comedy series making him the highest paid TV actor in the US. At 34 years old that kind of money is serious wealth. With earnings like that he should purchase nicer clothes to wear. Just look at what Ashton Kutcher is wearing on this candid photos taken the other day.

ashton kutchers sexy pics

It is plain. Not dull and not really that boring. Come to think of it, Ashton Kutcher’s plain clothes looks hot on him. The TV and movie funny man looks clean, crisp and simply hot in a plain red shirt and blue short pants. It was taken when he attended the Dallas Cowboys training camp. Aside from earning big bucks, Ashton Kutcher’s sensational lovelife is looking fine as ever. But good thing gf Mila Kunis didn’t come with him to this field trip, she’s just going to drain the hunky vibes of this funny celebrity dude.

asthon kutcher letting his bulge hang loose

Who would have thought that Ashton Kutcher dumping Demi Moore and replacing Charlie Sheen would make him hotter than ever. I mean just take a look at a picture of Ashton Kutcher while he’s squatting and taking pictures of the Dallas Cowboys. He’s just letting it hang loose and looking so cool and yet still scorching hot. Its like he has nothing to worry about. To see more of him and other handsome Hollywood hunks getting exposed, head on over at Sexy Male Celebritries today!

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Cristiano Ronaldo Is Nearly Nude And Bulging

Cristiano Ronaldo nude and sweaty

Oooh, do we have a treat for you on this week’s update from Sexy Male Celebrities! It’s Cristiano Ronaldo looking handsome and almost <nude after practice! This hot dude and hunky sports celebrity wows us yet again with his manly perfection. Any pictures with Cristiano Ronaldo in it is heaven sent, but to have him exposed and just wearing shorts soaked with his sweat is more than we can ever dream of!

Cristiano Ronaldo and his bulging crotch

These gorgeous candid photos of Cristiano Ronaldo was taken after a training session and it is really bordering on being tagged as softcore porn. This football celebrity cutie gladly flaunted his sculpted chest and washboard abs as well as his tasty looking bulge in that super sexy short shorts! For those who don’t know, Cristiano Ronaldo is now playing for Real Madrid and by the looks of these half naked and sweaty pictures, the Spanish capital Madrid is treating him well. Well they should be! This celebrity athlete deserves to be worshipped!

Cristiano Ronaldo and his six pack

I just can’t get over on how gorgeous and delicious Cristiano Ronaldo looks on these nude pictures. Okay it’s not absolutely nude, half nude is the right term but that is more than enough to get us through the day! I wonder how it will feel like to rub those bulging muscles and six packs? I don’t care if he’s sweaty at all, getting wet from Cristiano Ronaldo’s sweat while hugging his naked body is probably one of the top sexual fantasies that any fan of this sporting celeb constantly dreams of! If you want to see more of Cristiano Ronaldo and other hot male celebrity hotties, head over at Sexy Male Celebrities today!

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Hot Candid Pictures Of Ryan Philippe Out And About In Beverly Hills

well hung celebrity hunks

Sexy Male Celebrities has been featuring the hunkiest Hollywood males we all love to gawk at and there are a lot of delicious nudie photos, cock pictures and booty stills available for our viewing enjoyment inside their member’s zone. Among the hundreds of fit and sumptuous handsome celebrities that they have featured, Ryan Philippe is just one of a handful in the entertainment industry that seems to remain young and fresh as the years go by. Just look at Ryan Philippe’s candid shots while he’s out and about in Beverly Hills and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

hollywood hunks nude photos

This hot male movie star is just three years shy of hitting the big 4 – O, but this father of three still looks like a college dude. A super hot college guy. Ryan Philippe’s hot candid pics also proves that he doesn’t need bare his body parts to grab our attention. This guy just looks so terrific in his white tank top, stylishly wrinkly long sleeves and that straight cut manly pants!

cock pictures of hollywood male stars

As much as we take joy in Ryan’s hotness even if he’s all covered up, nothing beats seeing this handsome male celebrity while in his birthday suit. For now, enjoy the toasty candid pics of Ryan Philippe and feast on his ample rear end and bulging jewels. If you want to see more of him as well as other softcore and hardcore pictures and videos of Hollywood hunks, just head over at Sexy Male Celebrities!

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Hunky Matthew McConaughey Perspiring In Malibu

For the past couple of months, you can’t catch Hollywood stud Matthew McConaughey alone. Images of this silver screen heartthrob and gallant Texan son while he’s with Lance Armstrong or his spouse Camila Alves have been popping up all over the internet. Not that it’s a bad thing, most snapshots of Matthew McConaughey hanging out with his wife or workout pal are taken either at the beach where he’s topless or working out where he’s hot and sweaty. But we do miss Matthew’s sensuous solo snaps.

Well, here’s a treat for all you dames and bros out there! Here are some attractive images of Matthew McConaughey on his own and wandering along a Malibu street and just being handsome like he’s always been. Too bad he’s not that sweaty or bare chested, but we are not whining. He still looks very hot even with a shirt on, and this sexy male Hollywood star's bulging crotch makes up for the lack of skin exposure.

It is truly invigorating to see Matthew McConaughey’s sexy solo pictures, it’s been quite a while. His Malibu street photos really makes it hard to believe that he was born in 1969. This celebrity hunk’s is still awesome and in tip top shape. Matthew’s an all-around actor who is aging magnificently, the ideal example of the saying that “men are like wine, they get better with age”. He hasn’t lost that youthful hunkiness first seen in the movie Dazed And Confused. Now if we can only have more solo and sensual snapshots of this heart throb without his annoying wife and distracting biker buddy.

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Hugh Jackman shirtless in Barcelona

As you know, we love hairy men at Sexy Male Celebrities, so these topless pictures of Hugh Jackman really gets us going. He continues to look amazing year after year and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all.

There’s a reason why People Magazine named Hugh Jackman the “Sexiest Man Alive“. Tall, dark, and handsome describes him perfectly. Hugh was recently seen at the Barcelona beach, enjoying the water and soaking up the sun…I was hoping to see the huge penis of Hugh Jackman.

Hugh said he has another Wolverine movie coming up but I’m not pretty excited about that. I would like to see Hugh Jackman play a serious role in a quality movie and include a nude scene or two. We’d love to see Hugh Jackman’s cock as hard as adamantium steel.

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