Warren Cuccurullo has a hard-on for hard-ons

You wouldn’t exactly call Warren Cuccurullo hot. He’s just popular for being a rockstar. Then again, he probably knows he isn’t that tasty from the neck up, which could be why he chose to draw in his fans with his dick instead. And in my opinion, having a long, throbbing cock in front of my face is just as good as having a hot hunk walk past me any old day.

And in this area, Warren Cuccurullo definitely knows how to play. Posing with his cock out is one thing, but to have his dick fully erect and dripping in sweat is another thing altogether. I don’t know about you, but I’d be on my knees in no second and licking Warren’s cock until he blows straight in my mouth. I just wish he’d get with guys so he can step up his game from all this hetero crap to having hot, anal sex with other rock hard studs.

Although Warren Cuccurullo could be persuaded to suck a cock. We already have a video of him getting his dick felt up by some lucky fag; we might not have to wait long to see Warren Cuccurullo playing with his cock in a hot man-on-man fuckfest! Till then, have fun mentally fucking him by checking out his pictures.

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