Alex Pettyfer is one sexy shirtless beast

What can I say, I’m weak for young cock. Sexy, blonde, English cocks, to be precise. Alex Pettyfer is shaping up to be the next hot thing in Hollywood, but in other areas, i.e. his rippling hot body, he’s already a fucking superstar. Count me in!

Just look at that fresh, studly frame Alex Pettyfer has and tell me you wouldn’t want your jizz all over him. Look at that slender v-cut along his stomach, and call me a hypocrite when I say I don’t want to follow that yummy treasure trail and dig into his pants with my own bare hands! He was right to be called beastly, the gorgeous, sweaty kind!

Too bad that whore Dianna Agron’s got her filthy claws all over Alex Pettyfer’s yummy muffins, and if she ever crosses my line of sight, I’ll fucking cut out her face, slap it over mine, and flipping suck Alex’s cock without knowing it was me. Uh. That’s some nasty psycho shit right there. But if you’re all frothing at the mouth in agreement over there, you’d better wipe with your sleeve and just check out more of Alex Pettyfer’s beastly shirtless pictures. It’s all we can do for now, but it’s fucking worth it.

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