Mitch Hewer’s more naked than ever

Another sexy, blond, young English cock. Where are all these smoking sons of Zeus coming from? Mitch Hewer’s gay character in Skins might have already been written off but his shirtless sturdy frame still makes me scream for more.

And I don’t remember him looking any better than this. With that totally defined abs, toned biceps, and that huge boner he has got going on down there, I don’t care if he keeps denying his gender preference. As long as I can keep hallucinating about him spreading my buttcrack wide enough to slide his big cock into, and banging me while keeping a tight grip on my dick, I’m perfectly fine with it. Let’s all make this fantasy secret gay affair as it is – a secret, along with these raunchy naked pictures of him.

Also, before I forget, this talented young cock has also auditioned for a role in Glee, that musical TV show. Help me then hope for him to get in, as we might probably then get more pictures of him naked with all those other Glee manmeat. Anybody up for an orgy? Count me in!

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