Hunter Parrish’s big hungry dick

Who knew that there were still some sexy young hot studs lurking in Hollywood? And I don’t mean those Justin Beiber wanna-be’s. Just take a look at this yummy piece of man meat, Hunter Parrish.

I first saw him in the series Weeds, as Silas Botwin, the meaty son of the main character. And I was hooked with his handsome face, and the ruggedness he exuded. And when these very naked pictures of him came out, I almost wanted to flip my penis out right then and there. I could just imagine taking his big hot rod into my tight ass and have him fuck me till I soak him with my cum.

And never mind that Zac Efron, who he starred with in 17 Again, got him first. These raunchy teasing nude photos of him are enough to make me want to march over his place and show him who deserves his dick instead. (Yes, I mean me, of course, not you!)

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