A naked James Franco all tied up

James Franco caught my eye not as Harry Osborn in the Spiderman trilogy but as Chris Campbell in the 2000 film Whatever It Takes.

And if you’re wondering why, these nude bonded pictures of him should suffice. Yes, that hunky piece of meat tied to the bed is James Franco in his pre-Spiderman days. And even then, he already had that shamelessly wonderful body to die for. His big muscled bod and six-pack abs and rock-hard pecs were already in the works. And you might also notice that humongous bump he’s got hidden underneath that lacy thong. I would die begging for him to sex my ass and simultaneously grabbing my cock and chest hairs.

But if he prefers getting tied to the bed posts like that, I’ll make sure to give his big meaty dick a hot scrumptious blowjob he won’t soon forget.

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