Jared Leto shows off his chest

Piercing eyes, rippling abs, and tree trunk thighs: these are just some of the assets that make Jared Leto the hottest actor in my book. The artist has everything going for him in terms of looks. Even while on stage, you could already make out his solid muscles and his fans certainly don’t complain at the chance to salivate at his hotness when this rocker removes his shirt after every performance. Still, those who aren’t with me can just enjoy shirtless pics of Jared Leto that’s all over the internet.

His record speaks for itself and he is one of the best artists ever to play on stage and on cam. Though his manager already told the press that Jared still has a lot to do get into shape, us fans don’t have to worry about anything. We know our Jared Leto with a face like that, we know that he will never disappoint.

Jared Leto is just one hot stud and anyone he flashes that nipple to would be immediately caught off-guard. The face is flawless and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. As you move your face from his eyes to everything below, it’s virtually impossible for you not to like what you see. Looking at Jared Leto shirtless is like looking at the Grand Canyon – in no time you will find yourself staring in admiration. He is chiseled to perfection and he is a hunk in every sense of the word.

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