Shemar Moore topless on a yacht

Former fashion model and now an actor, Shemar Moore is one heck of a hottie. Pics of Shemar Moore shirtless has leaked into the internet and like vultures, we get hold of every single one and make it ours for the devouring. Note that this is not an exaggeration. Shemar Moore is so yummy, he is impossible to resist. Nobody would pass up the chance to lick his hunky chest down to his navel just covering his rock-hard abs and, if the gods will allow, all the way down to his huge wang and his low hanging balls.

Shemar Moore is simply irresistible, cheesy as that may sound. But seriously, what’s not to like? Those huge pecs, those washboard abs, those bulging biceps all covered in a healthy patch of muscles. Oh what I’d give to inhale the musk that he emits. I bet it’s rough, musky, sweaty, and totally erotic. Just imagining what he smells like makes people crazy and I have this inkling that he is fully aware of that.

Even in his 40s he has muscles in all the right places but sadly, there is one muscle that we have yet to see. Oh Shemar, please show us your dong. We know it would be big, and thick, and juicy, and we know your balls would be hairy and hanging low. We can only hope that he’d do that in this lifetime, so for now, let’s just enjoy and feast on these pics of this topless hunk actor.

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