Hunky Matthew McConaughey Flushed In Malibu

For the past couple of months, you can’t catch Hollywood hunk Matthew McConaughey all alone. Pictures of this big screen idol and proud Texan son while he’s with Lance Armstrong or his wife Camila Alves have been popping up all over the net. Not that it’s a very bad thing, most photos of Matthew McConaughey chilling with his spouse or workout bff are taken either at the beach where he’s bare-breasted or working out where he’s hot and sweaty. But we do miss Matthew’s gorgeous solo photos.

Well, here’s a treat for all you females and bros out there! Here are some gorgeous images of Matthew McConaughey on his own and strolling along a Malibu street and just being hunky like he’s always been. Too bad he’s not that sweaty or bare chested, but we are not complaining. He still looks absolutely hot even with a shirt on, and this sexy male Hollywood star’s protruding crotch makes up for the lack of skin visibility.

It is simply refreshing to see Matthew McConaughey’s sensual solo photos, it’s been quite a while. His Malibu street snaps really makes it hard to believe that he was born in 1969. This celebrity hunk’s is still superb and in tip top shape. Matthew’s an all-around actor who is aging remarkably well, the ideal example of the saying that “men are like wine, they get better with age”. He hasn’t lost that youthful hunkiness first seen in the motion picture Dazed And Confused. Now if we can only have more solo and sexy photos of this heart throb without his annoying wife and distracting biker buddy.

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