Ashton Kutcher Is Looking Clean, Crisp And Just Hunky In Plain Clothes

ashton kutcher is hot in just a shirt and shorts

Everything is rolling for Ashton Kutcher and its hard not to envy his life right now. This handsome and hunky comedian slash Hollywood male celebrity slash perfect bf is earning $700,000 per episode for his Two and a Half Men comedy series making him the highest paid TV hottie in the US. At 34 years old that kind of cash is serious wealth. With earnings like that he should buy nicer clothes to wear. Just look at what Ashton Kutcher is wearing on this candid photos taken the other day.

ashton kutchers sexy pics

It is plain. Not dull and not really that boring. Come to think of it, Ashton Kutcher’s plain clothes looks great on him. The TV and movie funny man looks clean, crisp and surprisingly hot in a plain red shirt and blue short pants. It was taken when he attended the Dallas Cowboys training camp. Aside from earning a huge cheque, Ashton Kutcher’s sensational lovelife is looking good. Fortunately for us girlfriend Mila Kunis didn’t come with him to this field trip, she’s just going to drain the hunky vibes of this funny celeb stud.

asthon kutcher letting his bulge hang loose

Who would have thought that Ashton Kutcher dumping Demi Moore and replacing Charlie Sheen would make him hotter than ever. I mean just take a look at a picture of Ashton Kutcher while he’s squatting and taking pictures of the Dallas Cowboys. He’s just letting it hang loose and looking so cool and yet still sizzling hot. Its like he has nothing to worry about. To see more of him and other well hung celeb hunks getting exposed, head on over at Sexy Male Celebritries today!

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