Andy Roddick shows off hot form in and out of the tennis court

Sexy Male Celebrities is back and this is one hell of a fine picture set for all you babes and gay dudes who are up for some yummy ripped hunk in the form of the tennis sensation, Andy Roddick. Why do I hear you naughty bitches screaming in front of your computers or mobile phones or whathaveyous while looking at these sizzling photos? Ah, yeah, right… because what you’re seeing is actually making you wet in the panties or probably wet all over, perspiring with heat, which Andy Roddick can give off in and out of the tennis court.

See all these pictures? I know a lot of chicks who drool over men who just finished a workout and sweats so much that their shirts cling on their bodies. Well, Andy sure has his ways of displaying his fine body with or without his clothes. He’s undeniably hot and sexy in any angle and you just wanna give that tight ass a hard slap and probably squeeze too. is brimming with all sorts of famous or infamous men who you’d end up fantasizing about and this hot photo gallery is one of them. You came here for those muscles and sexy physique and this is exactly what Andy Roddick is showing.

Whether he’s busy with his balls in the court or maybe playing with them in private when he’s all burnout and just needed some “me time”, he’s a looker and you will be looking at this collection ’til you satisfy yourselves in the comfort of your bedrooms. Want more of this hot stuff? Better check back every now and then and not miss a single edition.

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