Ben Affleck’s dick is bigger than ever

Now, who in this planet doesn’t know Ben Affleck? No? None? Good, that means I wouldn’t have to make a lengthy passage to introduce this one hot piece of manmeat. Let’s move on to the finer details, then.

Let us all feast our eyes on that gorgeous set of rock-hard abs and biceps before granting our full attention to that big wang. Yum, yum! Don’t you just wish you were that red little hanky he’s pulling on his back? Seriously though, I wouldn’t mind getting my butthole stretched like that. And these naked pictures of him handing out his meaty penis? Ooh la la! Come to papa, little Benny.

And if that’s not enough, here we get a raunchy mudslide picture show that is all Ben, Ben, Ben! Oh, if only he’d leave that pest of a wife Jennifer Gardner and live in my bedroom instead, I’ll give him the most unforgettable deepthroat he’ll ever have – plus, unlike all those other celebrities he’d gone out with, he is more than welcome to jizz on my ass, too!
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