Hugh Jackman shirtless in Barcelona

As you know, we love hairy men at Sexy Male Celebrities, so these shirtless pictures of Hugh Jackman really gets us going. He continues to look amazing year after year and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all.

There’s a reason why People Magazine named Hugh Jackman the “Sexiest Man Alive“. Tall, dark, and handsome describes him perfectly. Hugh was recently seen at the Barcelona beach, enjoying the water and soaking up the sun…I was hoping to see the huge penis of Hugh Jackman.

Hugh said he has another Wolverine movie coming up but I’m not pretty excited about that. I would like to see Hugh Jackman play a serious role in a quality movie and include a nude scene or two. We’d love to see Hugh Jackman’s cock as hard as adamantium steel.

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Joe Manganiello bulging balls

As Season 4 of True Blood draws to a close this weekend, it’s probably about time to check in on everyone’s favorite werewolf, Joe Manganiello. A former stuntman, Manganiello thrill us all with what can only be described as a damn near perfectly shaped torso. I don’t often feel like I’m watching porn when I’m watching mainstream TV, but when Manganiello comes on the screen, I suddenly feel like I’m at work and Joe Manganiello is going to bang someone in front of my eyes.

Joe Manganiello is looking sexier than ever…just look at his dick bulging from his shorts. True Blood seems to be capitalizing on their naked scenes this season, which will only help it gain popularity. We are praying to the male celebrity Gods that Joe Manganiello will get naked this year.

Owing to the fabulous physique, it was not surprising to learn that Manganiello was just added to the mind-blowing cast of men in Magic Mike. As one of the few hot-blooded creatures on the show, Manganiello has already earned the title of hotness, so why not make it official? Can’t help noticing Joe Manganiello’s big penis bulging like that.

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Shemar Moore topless on a yacht

Former fashion model and now an actor, Shemar Moore is one heck of a hottie. Pics of Shemar Moore shirtless has leaked into the internet and like vultures, we get hold of every single one and make it ours for the devouring. Note that this is not an exaggeration. Shemar Moore is so yummy, he is impossible to resist. Nobody would pass up the chance to lick his hunky chest down to his navel just covering his rock-hard abs and, if the gods will allow, all the way down to his huge wang and his low hanging balls.

Shemar Moore is simply irresistible, cheesy as that may sound. But seriously, what’s not to like? Those huge pecs, those washboard abs, those bulging biceps all covered in a healthy patch of muscles. Oh what I’d give to inhale the musk that he emits. I bet it’s rough, musky, sweaty, and totally erotic. Just imagining what he smells like makes people crazy and I have this inkling that he is fully aware of that.

Even in his 40s he has muscles in all the right places but sadly, there is one muscle that we have yet to see. Oh Shemar, please show us your dong. We know it would be big, and thick, and juicy, and we know your balls would be hairy and hanging low. We can only hope that he’d do that in this lifetime, so for now, let’s just enjoy and feast on these pics of this topless hunk actor.

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Jared Leto shows off his chest

Piercing eyes, rippling abs, and tree trunk thighs: these are just some of the assets that make Jared Leto the hottest actor in my book. The artist has everything going for him in terms of looks. Even while on stage, you could already make out his solid muscles and his fans certainly don’t complain at the chance to salivate at his hotness when this rocker removes his shirt after every performance. Still, those who aren’t with me can just enjoy shirtless pics of Jared Leto that’s all over the internet.

His record speaks for itself and he is one of the best artists ever to play on stage and on cam. Though his manager already told the press that Jared still has a lot to do get into shape, us fans don’t have to worry about anything. We know our Jared Leto with a face like that, we know that he will never disappoint.

Jared Leto is just one hot stud and anyone he flashes that nipple to would be immediately caught off-guard. The face is flawless and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. As you move your face from his eyes to everything below, it’s virtually impossible for you not to like what you see. Looking at Jared Leto shirtless is like looking at the Grand Canyon – in no time you will find yourself staring in admiration. He is chiseled to perfection and he is a hunk in every sense of the word.

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Adam Levine protruding nipples

Adam Levine still preserves his hotness despite his split with ex Anne Vyalitsyna. We caught this hot Maroon 5 vocalist taking a walk downtown and we were wow’ed by the simplicity he carries…wearing only plain jeans and white shirt, Adam Levine’s sexiness never fails to make our panties all wet.

Moving more closer, you could see Adam Levine’s perky nipples protrude off his white shirt. Think of them as Hershey’s Kisses that makes you want to lick,suck and bite out of them. Don’t you just wish them to be part of Willy Wonka’s factory and munch on them yummy nipples of Adam Levine like a kid inside a candy store?

What’s there to swoon more over Adam Levine can be such a difficult question to answer…apart from those tattoos and chest,who wouldn’t want to see Adam Levine’s dick? Salivate yourself even more as you get inside and see more of Adam Levine’s hot and daring pictures!

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt in gay anal sex

Every chick on the block started falling for Joseph Gordon-Levitt ever since 500 Days Of Summer and his blockbuster follow-up, Inception. But what about us guys wanting a piece of dick from this twink of a Hollywood hottie? I dug deep into JGL’s film repertoire, and guess what, this sexy stunner has had a few experiences filling male ass with his stiff, cum-loaded cock!

It’s not really the idea that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has had gay encounters before that’s surprising to me, but the fact that he topped some guy instead of him taking in dick in his tight ass. One look at the guy and all you read of him is ‘bottom, bottom, bottom’. That small frame, and that fresh, youthful look makes you want to push him back in bed, lift his legs up, and stick your cock straight into his virgin ass!

However, what we have here is Joseph Gordon-Levitt topping some hardcore anal penetration action, which is still good enough for me. I’d bend over for this hot male celebrity any time!

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Sexy royal redhead Prince Harry shirtless at the beach

hot prince harry shirtless

With his older brother Prince William getting hitched with Kate Middleton pretty soon, Prince Harry is undoubtedly Britain’s most elegible bachelor. Wherever he goes, Prince Harry  never fails to make women (and some men) of all ages swoon. This hunky royal stud is truly a sight to behold and we are only so lucky that he has a penchant for taking his shirt off.

hot prince harry hunk
Just check out these hot pictures of sexy royal redhead Prince Harry shirtless while at the beach; you can see his ginger pubes sticking out of his red  boardshorts. Thanks to his military training, Harry has  those lean thighs, toned biceps, and sexy washboard abs, he almost has the obligation to take his shirt off whenever he can, if only to inspire (and arouse) others with his hot maleness.

hot prince harry cock
If you’d like to see more of royal redhead Prince Harry shirtless and looking studly while at the beach, head on over to Sexy Male Celebrities.

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Sam Worthington shows off his naked rugged body

hot sam worthington shirtless
Oh yes, Sam Worthington, the musclebound hunk of the hour is finally here! Pics of Australian beefcake Sam Worthington shirtless has leaked into the internet and like vultures, we get hold of every single one and make it ours for the devouring. Note that this is not an exaggeration. Sam Worthington is so yummy, he is impossible to resist. Nobody would pass up the chance to lick his hairy chest down to his manly navel just covering his washboard abs and, if the gods will allow, all the way down to his huge dong.
hot sam worthington hottie
Sam Worthington is simply irresistible. What’s not to like? Those huge pecs covered in a healthy patch of chest hair, those washboard abs, and those bulging biceps. Oh what I’d give to inhale the musk that he emits. I bet it’s rough, musky, sweaty, and totally erotic. No wonder people can’t seem to get enough of him in his blockbuster movies like Avatar, Clash of the Titans and Terminator: Salvation.
hot sam worthington pecs
To see more of Sam Worthington naked and showing his ruggedly sexy and hairy body, check out Sexy Mele Celebrities. Go ahead, enjoy and feast on these pics of this shirtless hottie from Down Under.
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A naked James Franco all tied up

James Franco caught my eye not as Harry Osborn in the Spiderman trilogy but as Chris Campbell in the 2000 film Whatever It Takes.

And if you’re wondering why, these nude bonded pictures of him should suffice. Yes, that hunky piece of meat tied to the bed is James Franco in his pre-Spiderman days. And even then, he already had that shamelessly wonderful body to die for. His big muscled bod and six-pack abs and rock-hard pecs were already in the works. And you might also notice that humongous bump he’s got hidden underneath that lacy thong. I would die begging for him to sex my ass and simultaneously grabbing my cock and chest hairs.

But if he prefers getting tied to the bed posts like that, I’ll make sure to give his big meaty dick a hot scrumptious blowjob he won’t soon forget.

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Hunter Parrish’s big hungry dick

Who knew that there were still some sexy young hot studs lurking in Hollywood? And I don’t mean those Justin Beiber wanna-be’s. Just take a look at this yummy piece of man meat, Hunter Parrish.

I first saw him in the series Weeds, as Silas Botwin, the meaty son of the main character. And I was hooked with his handsome face, and the ruggedness he exuded. And when these very naked pictures of him came out, I almost wanted to flip my penis out right then and there. I could just imagine taking his big hot rod into my tight ass and have him fuck me till I soak him with my cum.

And never mind that Zac Efron, who he starred with in 17 Again, got him first. These raunchy teasing nude photos of him are enough to make me want to march over his place and show him who deserves his dick instead. (Yes, I mean me, of course, not you!)

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