Hot naked pictures of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

I initially fell in love with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as a hunky lovelorn singer in August Rush and then I had to see him again as a hot bad-ass CIA agent in From Paris with Love and now as the sinfully sexy Henry VIII in The Tudors.

I just couldn’t take my fucking eyes off that smoking hot body especially when he continuously flashes that smooth muscled chest of his and those sexy abs. And don’t get me started on that big meaty budging in his crotch area that’s threatening to pop out. Well, I have my fingers crossed that he takes his big penis out in TV sometime soon. My mouth has already opened wide to suck this English cock in.

And apparently, my ass is, too. I’m already itching from all these hot naked pictures of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Hopefully they swat that girl out of the picture and realize he loves cocks too. My dick is all oiled up and ready, when that happens.

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Freddie Stroma offers his dick for a quick fuck

Who’d have ever met a more cockier fictional character than Harry Potter’s Cormac McLaggen? A very boastful piece of a sporty manmeat onscreen, Freddie Stroma is the opposite in real life.

This young English stud with a degree in neuroscience is not the least bit reckless and self-assured as his reprised role in the series. Although, looking at these naked pictures of Freddie stroking his huge cock, I believe he has every right to be. With a dick as yummy as his, I’m willing to get my ass whipped and sexed all night long. I would love to run my hands over that big muscled chest and his well-formed abs.

Too bad he’s a loyal dog to his girlfriend of two plus years but who knows? Maybe one day I won’t just get to lust over these cock-baring pictures of him, but lick his actual dick instead! Don’t worry little Freddie, I don’t bite.

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Ian Somerhalder can fuck my ass anytime

When Twilight hit the shelves and the big screen, everyone went crazy for all those good-looking vampires. But when The Vampire Diaries came into out television screens, I just about died of heart attack when the hottest vampire villain was introduced: Ian Somerhalder.

Man, I would beg for him to take me in as his next victim. He need not even use any of those hypnotic charms, I’m a consenting huntee. Who wouldn’t want to be engulfed in those tight muscles and rock hard abs? And I can just imagine getting soaked with him in his wet and naked pictures. I’d love to lick that big meaty penis and have him groan in pleasure as I bend over to have him fuck my ass. You know he’s gonna cum soon because I’ve got my asshole so tight, so his very big cock will be a snug fit.

Whoa, I am getting way ahead of myself. But if you see these naked pictures of Ian Somerhalder holding out his cock, I know you horndogs would too. Enjoy!

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Mitch Hewer’s more naked than ever

Another sexy, blond, young English cock. Where are all these smoking sons of Zeus coming from? Mitch Hewer’s gay character in Skins might have already been written off but his shirtless sturdy frame still makes me scream for more.

And I don’t remember him looking any better than this. With that totally defined abs, toned biceps, and that huge boner he has got going on down there, I don’t care if he keeps denying his gender preference. As long as I can keep hallucinating about him spreading my buttcrack wide enough to slide his big cock into, and banging me while keeping a tight grip on my dick, I’m perfectly fine with it. Let’s all make this fantasy secret gay affair as it is – a secret, along with these raunchy naked pictures of him.

Also, before I forget, this talented young cock has also auditioned for a role in Glee, that musical TV show. Help me then hope for him to get in, as we might probably then get more pictures of him naked with all those other Glee manmeat. Anybody up for an orgy? Count me in!

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Ben Affleck’s dick is bigger than ever

Now, who in this planet doesn’t know Ben Affleck? No? None? Good, that means I wouldn’t have to make a lengthy description to introduce this one sexy piece of manmeat. Let’s move on to the finer details, then.

Let us all feast our eyes on that sumptuous set of rock-hard abs and biceps before granting our full attention to that big wanker. Yum, yum! Don’t you just wish you were that red little hanky he’s pulling on his back? Seriously though, I wouldn’t mind getting my ass stretched like that. And these naked pictures of him handing out his meaty penis? Ooh la la! Come to papa, little Benny.

And if that’s not enough, here we get a raunchy mudslide picture show that is all Ben, Ben, Ben! Oh, if only he’d leave that pest of a wife Jennifer Gardner and live in my bedroom instead, I’ll give him the most unforgettable cocksucking he’ll ever have – plus, unlike all those other celebrities he’d gone out with, he is more than welcome to cum fuck my ass, too!
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Ryan Kwanten stacks up the sexy

If you were looking for sexy times with the sexiest of the undead, quit fangirling over Twilight and start tuning in to True Blood. That’s where the real hardcore stuff happens. But I myself didn’t fall prey to gorgeous manmeat courtesy of these vampires, but to a hunky, human piece of cock that goes by the name of Ryan Kwanten.

I’ve fixed myself on enough episodes of True Blood to correctly tell every angle of Ryan Kwanten’s sexy bubble butt whenever the camera pans to him humping another slut in the ass. Seeing the hunk pumping his dick for pleasure is enough for me, but as to spotting the actual dick part is going to be something else. Well these fake pictures of Ryan Kwanten posing with a stiff cock really are enough for me to hope for better things for the show. Especially in the way of more frontal nudity from this sexy lover of mine!

Next time I sit inches away from the TV screen watching Ryan Kwanten’s beautiful naked body with my hand sticky with my sister’s body lotion, I want to see him getting fucked by one of those gender-bending vampires, okay?! But he might have already, I haven’t seen enough episodes to know. Shush, no spoilers!

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Justin Timberlake’s cock is out of the box

Sure Justin Timberlake was having a laugh with Dick in A Box, but I bet you started hoping he’d one day show up on your doorstep with a box stuck to his waist, right? You can stop hoping and start loosening up, because Justin Timberlake just knocked on my door and left a box of these pictures of his stiff cock stick! Now that’s a dick in a box.

And after I rifled through Justin Timberlake’s naughty cock pictures, I came to the proposition that not only does he have a thick cock I want filling my ass someday, but he also loves a guy going down on his hard rod and sucking off his leaking cum! Just check JT out pushing that lucky guy’s head deep in his cock. If I’d only been there to give my ass and push it on Justin’s crotch, he would have gotten the best ass fucking of his life. He can throw away all those boxes with the cutout holes in them and just stick his cock inside me, for funsies! I might have to try holding back my cum or I’ll blow my load the second Justin Timberake pushes the head of his cock up my tight asshole.

Shit, how many miles did I just go off on that fantasy? You’d better start believing these pictures of Justin Timberlake’s cock are real, or you’ll miss the cum rag when it passes you.

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Alex Pettyfer is one sexy shirtless beast

What can I say, I’m weak for young cock. Sexy, blonde, English cocks, to be precise. Alex Pettyfer is shaping up to be the next hot thing in Hollywood, but in other areas, i.e. his rippling hot body, he’s already a fucking superstar. Count me in!

Just look at that fresh, studly frame Alex Pettyfer has and tell me you wouldn’t want your jizz all over him. Look at that slender v-cut along his stomach, and call me a hypocrite when I say I don’t want to follow that yummy treasure trail and dig into his pants with my own bare hands! He was right to be called beastly, the gorgeous, sweaty kind!

Too bad that whore Dianna Agron’s got her filthy claws all over Alex Pettyfer’s yummy muffins, and if she ever crosses my line of sight, I’ll fucking cut out her face, slap it over mine, and flipping suck Alex’s cock without knowing it was me. Uh. That’s some nasty psycho shit right there. But if you’re all frothing at the mouth in agreement over there, you’d better wipe with your sleeve and just check out more of Alex Pettyfer’s beastly shirtless pictures. It’s all we can do for now, but it’s fucking worth it.

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Lance Bass can manhandle me anytime

Oofa, who’s this hunk now? I can’t believe it’s Lance Bass! I think back on his ‘N Sync career and all I think of him is a stringy body, too much hair gel, and a whole lot of camera panning. But I guess stepping out of the closet did him good, because look at those fucking guns. Lance Bass can pin me to the floor any day!

Seriously though, when news broke that he was gay, I immediately thought of all the steamy, hours-long sex Lance Bass had being a bottom. Come on, ‘N Sync was nothing but a group of twinks who could sing, and Lance looked like he would love getting dick filling his tight, twink ass. Imagine a hot hunk back then rimming his ass while Lance stifled a moan, and then cracking his virgin ass open with the dude’s veiny cock. Then these pictures of a hunky Lance Bass just completely blew my fantasies out of the water.

Turns out Lance Bass has what it takes to pound a skinny boy’s ass too. A rock-hard chest, a sharp-lined jaw, and a sexy two-day stubble? Count my thirsting ass open for business! I’ll trade the old Lance for this hunky, sweating Lance Bass any old time. Now give me that lube!

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Matthew Morrison in his underwear is just gleeful

It’s Glee season again everybody! Call it the most diluted show on television and I wouldn’t bite back as long as I can get me some Mr. Schuester. Yeah, the coach of Glee’s New Directions, Matthew Morrison, is up for even more screen time on the popular TV series, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more nude screen time with him. That’s just unfortunate. However, the good thing is he won’t wait for the show to give him a chance to be seen in his underwear: Matthew Morrison is caught sweating and partying with his gay friends in a pair of floofy boxer briefs! How’s that for naked!

Now these pictures of Matthew Morrison are giving me a hard time pushing down the tent in my shorts. Sure I’d love to flip up my boner and cum all over Mr. Schuester’s sexy v-cut and chest hair, but I’d like to save my jizz after I’ve finished fantasizing about getting myself fucked in the ass by Mr. Schue all over his sheet music. I’ll drag him out of his cashmere sweater and tie and ride his cock by the piano while he gyrates to the tune of crappy 80s music he loves dancing to on the show.

And regardless of his denials that he’s a homo, these pictures of Matthew Morrison cozying up to his gay friends just killed my gaydar off the mark. What that simply means is more fuck fantasies involving me, him, and an orgy with those other sexy Glee guys. Yeah.

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